How to Fix a Corrugated Roof Sheet

A crack, hole or other imperfection can cause a major hassle involving water damage to the interior of your home. Rather than calling a roofing company to repair your roof, or replacing it entirely, you can patch it yourself. The patching products described in this article are almost as easy to use as a piece of tape.

Set up the ladder to gain access to the roof.

Use the acetone or lacquer thinner and a rag to clean the area to be patched.

Apply the Eternabond to the roof to cover the area needing to be patched. This product is a tape, and therefore will install like tape. It's unbelievably sticky tape, so be certain that you have your placement correct the first time, because you won't be getting it off. This product is good for 18 to 35 years.

Press the Eternabond down by running it over with the rubber roller a few times in all directions, using moderate pressure.

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