How to Treat a Large Blackhead on the Back

As if blackheads on the face weren't embarrassing enough, many acne sufferers notice these blemishes emerging on different parts of the body, sometimes on the chest and back. If a large blackhead emerges on your own back, don't despair. The tried-and-tested steps below can help you rid yourself of the unsightly pimple safely and hygienically.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist who can remove the large blackhead, since its size and location may make it difficult to eliminate the blemish on your own.

Call local spas or skin care treatment centres to see whether they offer "back facials." During these treatments, extracting blackheads on the back is common practice.

Place warm washcloths over the blackhead for a few minutes to open up your pores, then use a beauty product to extract the blackhead yourself or with the help of someone else. One good option is the Complexion Extractor found at Sephora (see Additional Resources), which is designed to remove blackheads hygienically.

Try squeezing and removing the blackhead using two Q-tips, if the above options are not affordable.

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