How to wear cropped pants with boots

Winter cropped trousers are one of this year's distinguishing trends. They are extremely popular on runways, and are very versatile as well since they can be worn both as sexy evening outfits (with the right accessories) or as casual daytime apparel.

However, the fact is that cropped trousers can leave your shins cold. Fortunately, one of the most stylish ways to wear cropped trousers this winter is with a good pair of boots.

Make sure you are pairing the right cropped trousers. Gaucho cropped trousers and wide-leg, loose-fit cropped trousers will not work with boots. The combination will make the tallest, leanest model look short and squat. Make sure that your trousers are fitted and have a narrow leg.

Pick elongating patterns in your fabric. Subtle pinstripes or bold stripes are good for elongating the body. This is important because pairing cropped trousers with boots visually chops up the sections of your body. However, if you use a striped pant you will make your legs look longer.

Look for boots with a sleek heel. They do not have to have a stiletto heel, but they do need to be streamlined. Chunky boots will not work for this look. However, a sleek wedge heel can work as long as it fits with the rest of the boot smoothly.

Try on the boots and the trousers together ahead of time. The cropped trousers need to end right where the boots begin; if there is skin showing, that combination will not work. Socks are not an acceptable way to bridge a skin gap, so make sure that your socks will fit out of sight in the boots. Also, cropped trousers that extend over your boots more than about an inch are too long for those boots. They either need to be tucked in or worn with different boots.

Wear the right top. With your fitted cropped trousers and boots, go with a slightly oversized tailored shirt or a loose, flowing top.