How to Troubleshoot the Sharp Aquos

One reason people like flat-panel televisions is because they're the complete opposite of those big, bulky sets of the past. Sets like the Sharp Aquos are much lighter, they take up less space, and they simply look cooler.

Unfortunately, to make these sets as thin as they are, it required some delicate technology that can sometimes falter. Don't become frustrated if your Sharp Aquos set is acting up. Oftentimes, fixing it requires little more than a simple adjustment or an inexpensive part replacement.

Adjust the audio settings and/or cables. If your Sharp Aquos has been getting muddled or garbled sound, you most likely have the TV's audio settings set incorrectly or have the cables connected incorrectly.

Check the circuit board. If your set won't turn on and you hear a clicking noise when you plug it in, you most likely have a defective circuit board.

Reset the TV. If the power light on your Sharp Aquos set keeps blinking and the set won't turn off, the television set needs to be reset. You probably shouldn't do this yourself; instead, take it to a certified shop.

Beware a TV with no sound and no picture. If your Sharp set is getting no sound and no picture, there is no troubleshooting for this, unfortunately. You will need to take your set into a shop, as it's probably a malfunctioning part that's causing your TV not to work.

Check the wire connecting the main board to the LCD controller board if you get a blue screen when turning on your Sharp set. Chances are it's disconnected. Plugging it back in should solve your problem.