How to knit wrist warmers (hand warmers)

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Knitted wrist or hand warmers are worn as alternatives to traditional gloves or mittens. Wear them in fall and winter to warm your hands while keeping your fingers free to work.

As wrist warmers can be knit up quickly and without the knowledge of any complex stitches or techniques, they are suitable for even the most novice of knitters.

Cast on 40 stitches using the Size 10 needles and leave a 20-inch tail for sewing up. Work in the knit-1, purl-1 rib pattern for five rows.

Change to Size 8 needles. Knit all the stitches on the first row and purl all the stitches on the second row. Repeat this until your work measures 7.5 inches from the beginning and then bind off all stitches.

Fold your wrist warmer in half, lengthways. Mark the position of your thumb, below and above, with the sewing pins. Thread the cast-on tail through the tapestry needle and sew up your wrist warmer, leaving a hole for your thumb, as indicated by the sewing pins. Weave in any ends.

Make your second wrist warmer by repeating the above steps.