How to get rid of jackdaws

Jackdaws are large black birds similar to crows. They tend to be noisy, quarrelsome and aggressive toward other birds. If you have jackdaws in your yard or living in your area, you will likely see very little of other types of wildlife.

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to discourage jackdaws from living in your area.

Top your chimneys with wire mesh. You can just nail the mesh over the chimney cap or frame. Often jackdaws like to nest in chimneys, and they will make a racket talking to each other early in the morning. If they lose their home, then they may leave.

Clean out your gutters. Dirty gutters are playgrounds for bugs, which makes them very attractive to jackdaws. Put on some work gloves, go up the ladder and scoop out your gutters. To be sure everything is clean, rinse the gutters with a hose before coming down. This will eliminate your bug buffet and hopefully run off the jackdaws as well.

Clean the moss off your roof. Bugs also live in the moss that grows on some roofs. Remove it with your hands and rinse with a hose to discourage the jackdaws from feeding in your area.

Mount a plastic owl with reflective eyes on the roof. The eyes are important; otherwise the birds will get close enough to know that the owl is not real. Most plastic owls come with mounting equipment, or you can simply nail it down.