How to make a squirrel costume?

squirrel image by Tanya McConnell from

If you are looking for a creative and uncommon costume for Halloween trick-or-treating or any other costume based event, your inspiration can be lurking in something as simple as an oak tree near you.

Running through your parks, climbing in your foliage, and stealing all your acorns are bright eyed, bushy tailed creatures known as squirrels. Making a squirrel costume can be as simple or as detailed as you desire and it requires very little sewing ability.

Wear a brown sweatshirt and sweatpants. If you like, you could also wear matching brown gloves and brown shoes. If you do not have brown shoes, consider pulling a pair of brown socks over a different coloured pair of shoes.

Cut a large oval out of your tan fabric. The oval should cover your chest and stomach, so measure your torso and cut your oval according to your size.

Stitch this oval onto the front of your brown sweat shirt. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can simply sew around the edges by hand or attach with fabric glue.

Cut the leg off a pair of old pantyhose. Fill the leg with fibre fill used for stuffing toys. Stuff tightly so your tail looks full and bushy.

Insert a piece of wire the length of the tail into the centre of your tail. Bend to make your tail curve upright. Then seal it shut with a needle and thread.

Attach your pieces of faux fur around the outside of your tail. You can choose to sew on your pieces of faux fur, or attach them with hot glue. Sew the tail onto the back of the brown sweatpants.

Cover a headband with strips of matching brown faux fur. Hold it in place with hot glue or sew it in place with needle and thread.

Draw two half moon shapes on a piece of brown felt. Cut out and sew to the top of your headband for the ears. If desired, cover your ears with pieces of brown faux fur using hot glue.