How to Buy Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steak is a brand of steaks sold both online and in stores throughout the country. These steaks are renowned for their premium quality and freshness. When you buy Omaha Steaks on their internet website, they will be shipped to your door packed in a cooler with dry ice to ensure freshness.

You can also purchase Omaha Steaks from any of the dozens of retail stores located across the nation.

Determine the type of steak cut and meat source you prefer. Different parts of the cow create steaks with different levels of fat and muscle.

Choose lean cuts such as triple trimmed fillet mignon or top sirloin steak if you are watching your fat intake or prefer meats without a lot of marbling.

Non-steak lovers who still want meat can opt for a mildly flavoured fillet mignon. These have a small amount of marbling in them, which makes them tender and delicate. Filet mignon is often reserved for special occasions and for those who prefer a smaller steak.

If you are grilling your steak, choose boneless strip sirloin or top sirloin. These beefy flavoured steaks pair well with the boldness brought on by char marks from the grill. Their hearty flavour pairs well with steak sauces and bold marinades.

Filet of prime rib is also known as ribeye steak, and its rich flavour and meaty texture make this perfect for beef lovers. This steak is good for those who want a fully flavoured steak.

Choose either the porterhouse or the t-bone steak for those with hearty appetites. These both have two separate steaks. The porterhouse is both the New York Strip and a fillet mignon, and the t-bone is a sirloin and smaller fillet. By coupling the tastes of both steaks, these "double steaks" have lots of flavour and a large size.