How to Buy Discount Cigars

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Cigars are enjoyable to smoke, but they can be expensive. Buying discount cigars will save you money and will make cigars more accessible to you. Even cigar aficionados try to search for discount cigars so they can enjoy more cigars for their money's worth.

Search for cigars online. You can search for discount cigars on the internet, especially on comparison websites like Yahoo Shopping and Even if they are at a discount, you can still buy quality cigars on the internet because of availability and competition among merchants.

Buy cigars at wholesale price. You can increase your savings by buying in bulk with a friend. CigarSupply offers cigars at wholesale prices. Many people buy cigars in bulk and send them as gifts to their friends.

Try a sampler box. In a sampler cigar box, you get assorted types of cigars, ranging from the cheap to expensive cigars. By buying a sampler box, you can enjoy a wide range of cigars, especially higher-end brands.

Import cigars from another country. Another way you can buy discounted cigars is to buy them from Latin America, where cigars are popular and may be sold at a cheaper price than those in the United States.

Buy directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes cigar manufacturers offer deals to cigar enthusiasts on their website. Take advantage of this discount my making sure you visit the manufacturer during your cigar shopping. Don Pedro Puerto Rican cigars can be bought on their website, as well as Royal Hawaiian cigars.

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