How to watch old TV shows online for free

Ever since TV Land cut back on showing old television shows to focus on producing reality shows, it has become more difficult than ever to watch classic TV without renting a DVD. Many people are now turning to the Internet to search for episodes of their all-time favourite TV shows.

IN2TV offers an extensive collection of old TV shows you can watch online for free.

Start your computer and go to This page will reveal the entire list of old TV shows currently available for viewing on IN2TV. If you don't see your favourite show listed, click on the "Send Us Feedback" button located at the top right and request that your favourite show be added. Otherwise, keep checking back to see when new shows are added to the list.

Click on the title of the television show you want to watch. This will take you to another page where the actual video player is located. In order to keep the site free so that customers don't have to pay for the privilege of watching old TV shows, you will be presented with a short commercial.

Check the actual player closely because it will not be the same for every single show you choose. The basics will be the same and the show will start automatically anyway, but controls may be located in different spots on different players. Noticing the differences will help you when you go to control the player.

Locate the icons on the player that control how the TV show can be manipulated. For instance, you will be able to lower or raise the volume. There will also be a button that increases the size of the image to full screen. This icon will generally be square in appearance, but may look different depending on the player used to show the video.There will also be an icon of two parallel lines that will pause the video when clicked. Arrow buttons indicate the ability to forward or reverse the video. And no, the forward button cannot be used to speed through the commercials!

Click on the icon that looks like a lesser-than and greater-than symbol placed next to each to embed the video into your website. A floppy disc symbol means you can bookmark the video for easy retrieval. Clicking on other icons will allow you to leave a comment about the show or send the link to someone else via e-mail.