How to Change the Blade on a Black & Decker Jigsaw

The Black and Decker jigsaw offers an innovative tool-free option to remove and replace blades. This is handy when you want to quickly change the style or level of coarseness of the blade you're using, or in the event that you snap a blade during operation.

Extra blades can be stored in a chamber on the jigsaw for safekeeping.

Unplug the jigsaw if it is corded. Or disconnect the rechargeable battery if it is cordless. Don't attempt to replace the saw blade if the device is powered.

Locate the blade storage compartment on the side of the Black and Decker jigsaw. Push down on one end of (one of) the replacement blade(s) to release it from the magnetic tray and pull the blade free from the compartment.

Lay the jigsaw on its side and press the blade-release tab toward the saw to disengage the blade you're replacing.

Remove the old blade from the unit while still pressing on the blade-retention clip.

Hold the replacement blade by the shank with teeth facing away from the unit and the notch pointing toward the blade holder while continuing to press the blade-retention clip.

Press the blade into the holder as far as it will let you go and then release the blade-retention clip.

Pull on the shank of the blade to ensure it is locked in place properly before repowering and operating the saw.