How to make a jester's hat

Image by GibsPado, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Copyright

Do-it-yourself crafts are a fun and fairly easy activity. Whether you need a costume accessory for a party or just for play, making it yourself can be much more rewarding than buying something from a store. A little bit of fabric and a little bit of glue could be all you need to transform a boring afternoon.

If you need a craft idea, try out these instructions to make a simple jester's hat.

Measure your head to determine how big to make your hat and how many triangles you'll need to go around the base. To determine this, divide your head measurement by three, then double it. For example, if your head measures 24 inches around, you need to cut 16 triangles.

Trace an isosceles triangle onto a piece of felt. Make the base of the triangle 3 inches long, and the sides around 6 inches. Cut the triangle out, then use it as a pattern to make the rest of your triangles.

Glue your cut-out triangles back to back, so you end up with half as many as you started with. You can use different colour triangles on each side if you'd like.

Measure and cut a 2-inch-wide felt band to use as the hat's base. Make the length of the band about 2 inches longer than the circumference of your head.

Lay the band out flat and glue the triangles around the band. Make sure to evenly space the triangles. You may need to overlap them to do so.

Sew a jingle bell or two onto each triangle tip. If you want to get a little more creative, you can also add glitter or sequins to the hat.

Allow the glue to fully dry, then wrap the band around your head and secure it with either glue or a little needle and thread.