How to coordinate the colour of your Mother of the bride dress with the wedding

The mother-of-the-bride is not obligated to match the bridesmaids. She should look like the distinguished woman she is.

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Aside from your own wedding gown, the dress you wear for your daughter's wedding is one of the most important wardrobe decisions you'll make. The mother-of-the-bride should stand out as a distinguished member of the wedding party, but she shouldn't upstage the bride.

When choosing a dress, consider the formality of the wedding, the season, the wedding colours and how the dress will look in photographs.

Mother of the bride dresses

Stay with the same colour family as the bridesmaids

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Stay within the same colour family as the bridesmaids. The mother-of-the-bride does not have to match the bridesmaids, nor should she. Choose a colour in the same family (e.g., lavender for the bridesmaids and eggplant for the mother.) This way, the mother is associated with the bridesmaids but remains distinguished.

Complement the bridesmaids

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Complement the bridesmaids. Complementary colours are those directly across the colour wheel from one another. If the bridesmaids wear pink, choose a shade of green. For orange or yellow bridesmaids gowns, go with navy or another shade of blue. Analogous colours also work together to flatter each other. These are colours right beside each other on the colour wheel. If the bridesmaids wear turquoise, try royal blue or sky blue.

  • Stay within the same colour family as the bridesmaids.
  • For orange or yellow bridesmaids gowns, go with navy or another shade of blue.
Try to bring out the secondary colours

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Play up a secondary colour. If the bride has chosen a palette of several colours for her wedding, dress in the colour not used by the bridesmaids. If the wedding colours are spring green and daffodil, and the bridesmaids wear spring green, try a shade of yellow to bring out the secondary colour.

Stick with a classic

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Stick with a classic. The most popular colour for mothers-of-the-bride now is champagne. Shades can range from a light gold to almost pink, but tones of champagne can flatter any skin tone and are appropriate for all seasons. This colour complements the white or ivory of the bride's gown without looking garish like a mother in white would.