How to start an ultrasonic blind cleaning service

Blinds are a popular window covering found in homes, offices, restaurants and schools. Blinds bring style to a room while offering privacy and shade to occupants. However, once dust, grease and other pollutants attach to the blind's surfaces, a thorough cleaning is in order.

Anyone who has ever tried to clean a blind knows it is tedious work cleaning each level while trying not to break a string. Professional ultrasonic blind cleaners can clean a blind in a fraction of the time it takes to manually wipe one down, with almost no effort. By removing the blind and dipping it into a machine which uses sound waves to agitate a cleaning solution, blinds are restored to their original beauty, with customers gladly paying £65 and up for a service call. Starting a blind cleaning business is a good idea, since blinds outnumber drapes five to one, according to Jacquelyn Lynn, author of "Start Your Own Cleaning Service."

Choose a supplier that offers a variety of equipment and is knowledgeable in the field of blind cleaning. Many janitorial houses may sell a machine, but that does not make them experts in blind cleaning. Keep in mind, the supplier is the small business owner's life line. Even if the ultrasonic cleaning machine costs a little more, purchasing from a professional in the blind cleaning industry will help the business when questions about process and chemicals arise. Having a good relationship and support system is a key to success.

Hire a lawyer and a certified public accountant to help set up the legal and financial side of the business. An insurance agent will also be needed to make sure the proper coverage is in place, especially if an employee will be standing on a ladder to remove and rehang blinds and other window treatments.

Sign up for training. There are a plethora of companies that sell blind cleaning equipment and offer training classes. Speak with several to find out what topics their class covers, how much time is devoted to hands on training with an actual blind cleaning machine, as well as how many students will be in the class. Be willing to travel for a good class and keep in mind that taking more than one class can only make your business stronger.

Plan a marketing campaign both in print and online. As the Internet grows in popularity, fewer people are reaching for the phone book. Consider joining an online advertising service such as, which feeds leads to contractors like ultrasonic blind cleaners. Set up an information booth or kiosk at a local flea market, mall or home improvement trade show. Even with the Internet, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with a customer. Especially with a service business like blind cleaning, people like to meet in advance the person who will be entering their home.