How to reset a TomTom GO

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Anyone who owns a TomTom GO series global positioning system (GPS) can attest that sometimes you just have no choice but to restart your unit. There are a number of problems that can be resolved by restarting your TomTom. These include an inability to boot up and having a large X displayed on the screen, among others.

Consider whether or not you really need to restart your TomTom GO. Restarting the system means that any preferences or stored data will be lost. Try to turn the unit off and then power up first to see if that solves the problem. If not, restarting may be the only option.

Locate the restart button on your TomTom GO. Turn the TomTom upside down so that you can clearly see the bottom of the GPS. The bottom of the TomTom GO will contain a hole where the unit connects to the docking base. Next to this hole is a recessed reset button.

Press and hold the reset button. Use a pencil or ink pen to press in the reset button. Do not let go right away. Hold the reset button in for 15 seconds before letting go. This will wipe away the stored memory of the device and reset your TomTom back to the original factory settings.

Set up your preferences. Restore all of the preferences you had set. Select the voice of the audio navigator, select your "Home" location and choose any other presets that make your TomTom GO the perfect navigation tool.