How to use neatsfoot oil

Neatsfoot Oil has been around since the 18th century and is most commonly used as a leather preservative. However, this universal moisturiser can also be used as a beauty aid and a household product. It softens and conditions almost anything you apply it to and is a great product to keep around the house.

Use Neatsfoot Oil to preserve, shine and soften leather products. Dab a small amount of Neatsfoot Oil into a soft cloth and rub into leather goods.

Use Neatsfoot Oil to waterproof leather goods. Take a soft, leather buffing cloth and rub Neatsfoot Oil into your shoes, jacket and hat. Wait for the oil to dry and then head out into the rain without worrying about ruining your leather.

Use Neatsfoot Oil as a skin moisturiser. Neatsfoot Oil is a great moisturiser for your skin as well. You can use it as you would any other oil moisturiser. And because Neatsfoot Oil is wonderfully viscous, it is great for problem areas like elbows and feet. Be sure to rub it in well and allow it to thoroughly dry before putting on clothing.

Use Neatsfoot Oil to condition and preserve wood. Neatsfoot Oil can be applied to everything from wooden cooking utensils to counter tops. Simply apply a small amount of Neatsfoot oil to a rag and rub it in to your wood products to give them a healthy glow.