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How to care for a morning glory plant

Updated February 21, 2017

Caring for morning glory plants is surprisingly easy, and you can have morning glories every year without resowing seed. You will want to get up early to see the beautiful red, blue or purple flowers before they close for the day. The vines will grow to at least 1.8 m (6 feet) tall and can be grown in any zone with warm weather.

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  1. Place a trellis behind the seedbed so that the morning glory vines can wrap around it as they grow upward. If you plant the morning glories by a deck or a fence, they will grow upward and wrap around the fence boards and the deck railing.

  2. Morning glories do well relying on occasional rainfall. The plant is hardy and can withstand dry soil. However, if you are not expecting rain for five to six days, or if your temperatures are in the 90s for several days, you should water the soil. Use a spray nozzle to sprinkle the ground and not the vines. Fertiliser can be used, but is not needed. The morning glories do not get attacked by pests, so there is no need to use pesticides.

  3. Tear down the vines in the spring. Leave the vines over the winter, and in the spring shake the vines as you are ripping them down and the new seeds from the seed pods will fall to the ground and start germinating without any work from you. Before long, you will have new morning glory vines growing.

  4. If you do not want to leave the vines up for the winter, place the vines in a box so you can get the seeds out of the pods during the winter. Use a box because all you have to do is start crunching the vines and the seeds will start falling out. Then you can scatter the seeds on the ground in spring.

  5. Tip

    The morning glory plant in the picture is grown with no fertiliser and just four hours of east sunlight daily. The morning glory will grow and blossom every day without direct sunlight as well.

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