How to Set Up a Sega Master System

The Sega Master System was the first of Sega's home video-game consoles. An 8-bit system (much like the Nintendo Entertainment System), the Sega Master System played games that came on small, rectangular cartridges and enjoyed a run on the market of over a decade. That's an impressive feat when you consider that the machine was a financial failure in both the North American and Japanese territories, although it enjoyed moderate success in Europe. If you are lucky enough to have this classic gaming console, hooking it up is an easy process.

Set your television on Chanel 3, which is the default setting for the Sega Master System's RF Box.

Disconnect any television cables from the back of the TV set. Don't worry; you'll be reconnecting the cable in just a minute.

Connect the RF Coaxial Cable on the Sega Master System's RF Unit to the back of the television, where the cable box wire would usually be connected.

Connect the cable wire to the RF Unit's Antenna receiver to restore television signal to your TV.

Connect the other end of the RF Unit--the end that is not plugged into the television--into the Sega Master System.

Plug the unit's power adaptor into a nearby wall socket and turn on the unit to ensure that it is properly connected to the television.

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