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How to Safely Walk on a Tile Roof

Updated February 21, 2017

Tile roofs, like any roofs, can be dangerous to walk on. The tile on tile roofs is usually fragile and breaks easily when stepped on as well, which can cause you to slip and fall. If you must walk on your tile roof it is best to do so with care. Walk pads aid with the safety of walking on tile roofs since they distribute your weight evenly and prevent you from slipping.

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Wear a helmet, such as a bike helmet or a hard hat in case of a fall.

Climb onto the roof and fit the walk pads over your feet.

Walk on flat portions of the tile roof or in valleys.

Avoid walking near the edge of the tile roof or on steep ledges as you could loose your footing.


Only walk on a tile roof if it is absolutely necessary.

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Things You'll Need

  • Helmet
  • Walk pads

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