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How to Put Down a Pop Up Tent

Updated April 17, 2017

Pitching a tent can be a difficult and frustrating exercise. With a pop-up tent, however, setting up your camp becomes simple and efficient. With these instructions, you will be able to put down a pop-up tent in a few minutes.

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Choose a flat area of ground to pitch your tent. Thoroughly clear stones, branches and debris. Make sure your tent will be at an appropriate distance from those nearby.

Turn the folded tent right-side up and undo the restraining cord or strap. The tent should feel loose in your hands.

Lob the folded tent into the air over the area you've cleared. The tent will naturally unfold, or pop-up, without any further effort.

Position the tent where you want it and hammer the pegs into the ground through the tent's peg slots.

Climb into the tent to make sure it is secured and comfortable.


Pound the pegs into the ground at a 45 degree angle to make the tent more stable.


Don't pitch your tent under trees. A falling branch could seriously injure you or damage the tent.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pop-up tent
  • Pegs (included with tent)
  • Hammer/mallet

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