How to dispose of a sofa

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A new sofa may look great in the living room, but something has to be done with the old one. Most furniture stores will deliver their new furniture, but will not take old furniture away. If you do not have a truck to deliver it anywhere, including the dump, you're options are limited.

Take a couple of hours to make a few phone calls or follow a few of these steps and you'll most likely be rid of the sofa sooner than you think.

Choose a nice day or weekend (if optional) and display the sofa in your front yard by the road. Make a "Free" sign and affix the sign to the sofa so it will not blow away or tip over.

Consider reupholstering the sofa and keeping it in another room or selling it cheaply. Sometimes an inexpensive price on a piece of furniture like a sofa will move more quickly than a "Free" sign because the people may feel if they pay for something, they're getting a good deal. A "Free" sign might cause them to think that something is wrong with the sofa.

Look up charitable organisations in your local area or nearby towns, like homeless shelters, orphanages, women refuge centres and even churches. Many of these places may not only willingly accept the donated sofa, but also make arrangements to come pick it up. Churches may not accept donated furniture, but may know families in need that they can contact.

Contact the low income housing authority in your local area or nearby towns. They may know families in need that may have a vehicle of their own to come pick up the sofa, or they may have a friend with a truck to help them. Also, contact low income rental properties.

Call used furniture stores nearby. Again, they may willingly accept the donation to make money on the sofa and will willingly travel to pick it up. They can often repair or reupholster old sofa and furniture and make a profit on it.

Look up or other free giveaway communities on the Internet and post an ad. Many of these companies will not charge for an ad placement.

Contact the local waste management company that picks up your weekly trash. Many communities will have a certain day of the year (or even a couple days a year) when residents can clean out their house and place large objects near the road for pickup to the dump. If this is not an option, ask if they would be willing to dispose of the sofa for a fee.

Rent a truck from a local rental company and take the sofa to the dump yourself.

Disassemble the sofa. Taking a sofa apart it quite easy, considering what you have to pay for them. You can cut and fit the parts into garbage bags and add a couple bags at a time to your normal garbage pickup. Make sure you're not disposing of any improper materials, and you can even save parts of the sofa. If you have an outdoor fire pit, you can burn the wood inside the sofa.