How to use hibiclens

Hibiclens is a brand name over-the-counter antiseptic wash for the skin. The active ingredient in Hibiclens is an antimicrobial agent called Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Hibiclens is used as a surgical scrub, an antibacterial skin wash and a wound cleanser.

Wash hair and body with regular shampoo and soap. Rinse off shampoo and soap completely.

Wash entire body from the neck down with Hibiclens. Use about 25ml. of Hibiclens for the entire body. Leave Hibiclens lather on the body for five minutes, gently scrubbing the body using hands or a cleansing brush.

Rinse Hibiclens off the body with water.

Dry body with a clean towel.

Wash hands or area of skin to be treated with Hibiclens, with regular soap and water.

Apply about five ml. of Hibiclens to the hands or area of skin to be treated. Scrub for five minutes using hands or a cleansing brush.

Rinse skin with water to remove Hibiclens.

Dry skin with a clean towel. If Hibiclens is being used as a pre-surgical scrub, use a sterile towel for drying.

Apply a small amount of Hibiclens to the wound. Use the least amount of Hibiclens needed to create a lather over the entire wound.

Scrub the wound gently using hands for 15 seconds.

Rinse wound with clean water.

Pat wound dry with a clean towel.

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