What to Wear Inside Wellington Boots

A hot style item is the Wellington boot, a rubber rain boot. An English mainstay, the Wellie has now turned into an international fashion phenom, available in lots of trendy colours and patterns. However, this footwear raises a few sartorial questions, especially when coordinating with trousers. To be on the right side of style, think about a few points when wearing your favourite puddle-jumpers.

Pant Legs

A big question on fashion online groups and blogs is how to coordinate trousers with rain boots. The answer to this is: Never wear trousers on the outside, only gathered on the inside. Wellingtons are best with slim trousers and jeans. If your skinny jeans happen to be in the wash, don't worry. Simply fold your trousers snugly around the ankle and tuck into the top of your sock to hold the gather in place.


Plain socks are fine for wear inside of rain boots. However, keep in mind that these will be your only footwear for the day, and that yellow ducks may not be appropriate for office wear. Only do socks inside Wellingtons if you're having a casual day and there's no chance of having to be more formal.

Bare Feet

Bare feet are also fine for Wellies, especially if you're wearing them in warm weather with a cute minidress. Foot odour could be a problem, though, as your feet perspire inside these nonbreathable rubber shoes. Another problem is blisters and foot roughness, especially if the boots are cheaply made and aren't smooth inside. For those who like to go natural, combine your bare toes with an odour-eating insole to minimise sweaty side effects.


Many people do relegate Wellingtons to the category of wet-weather wear. Since it can be a pain to carry a large purse just for a pair of spare shoes, it sometimes works towear a pair of low-profile ballet flats inside the boot. There are manufacturers who make foldable rain boots that are specifically made to cover street shoes; one popular brand is Totes. These "overboots," as they're called, aren't exactly glamorous, but they do have a good reputation for keeping good shoes out of damaging puddles.

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