How to decorate a wedding with pinecones


Pinecones can be used as unusual decorative elements for a wedding. Many of your guests will never have seen pinecones used at a ceremony or reception. Pinecones can accent a fall or holiday wedding theme. Pinecones might express your love of nature or add a more masculine element to the day. The neutral colour of pinecones can work with almost any colour palette. Pinecones are less expensive than flowers and your wedding decor will definitely get noticed.

Clean the pinecones. You'll need to remove any sap or dirt. Wash the pinecones in a bucket with cold water and cleaning solution. Glaze the pinecones by putting foil on a baking tray. Place the pinecones in an oven set at 104 degrees Cor 20 to 30 minutes. The sap will melt. Don't try this on wet pinecones. You can also buy pinecones at craft stores that are ready for use.

Spruce up the pinecones. Pinecones might be too rustic for your wedding. It can seem like a great idea at first, but then you may start to worry that it's too nontraditional. Use gold or silver spray paint to guild the edges of the pinecones.

Put pinecones on the table. Pinecones can be used as centrepieces or to accent flowers. Turn pinecones into simple place card holders by laying the pinecone on its side. Tuck a card with the name of your guest into the pinecone. Ensure that the smell of the pinecones doesn't overpower the smell of the food.

Give pinecones as wedding favours. Pinecones make inexpensive wedding favours. Use essential oils to scent the pinecones. Pick a scent that will be liked by many of your guests, such as cinnamon or vanilla. Tie a ribbon to the top of your pinecone for a do-it-yourself Christmas ornament that your guests can keep for years.

Treat the pinecones as flowers. You can substitute pinecones for flowers in every element of your wedding. Add small pinecones to your bouquet or have the entire bouquet made from pinecones. Place large pinecones on top of urns or pedestals for interesting table decorations. You can even string pinecones into a garland to be used at the head table or around a doorway.

Carry the pinecone motif throughout the wedding. Talk to your baker about placing pinecones on the cake. Real pinecones can be dusted with sugar and used around the perimeter of your cake.

Use a variety of pinecones. Pinecones come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Use several kinds of pinecones to add visual interest to your wedding reception.

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