How to Cook a Venison Joint

Cooking venison can be challenging first time, especially a joint of venison. Too often, cooks make the mistake of treating venison like beef, which ends up making for a tough or even inedible hunk of meat when finished. If you have a crock pot, use a slow-cooking method. It works especially well on tougher meats, but also works well on tender meat.

Turn on crock pot on high. Wipe venison with paper towels to absorb extra liquid.

Place venison in centre of crock pot and pour olive oil, garlic and pepper over it, turning a few times to make sure it's coated.

Open cream of mushroom soup and dried onion soup and pour over venison.

Add vegetables so that they're evenly dispersed throughout the crock pot. Add the wine and beef broth.

Put the lid on the crock pot and cook the meat and vegetables on high for four to six hours.

Remove a cup of the liquid from crock pot and set it aside to cool. Once cool, mix flour in and return to the crock pot, mixing well.

Cook the venison joint for two more hours.

Remove the venison from the crock pot and put it on a plate to cut and serve. Remove vegetables to either eat or discard. Reserve the mushrooms.

If the juice is not the consistency of gravy, transfer it to a sauce pan and heat on the stove medium-high, stirring frequently, until thick.

Slice the venison joint and serve it with gravy and rice or noodles.

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