How to make blue eyes bluer

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Blue eyes have long been a symbol of fertility and beauty. Even though blue eye colour is a genetically recessive trait, marriage within ethnic groups allows it to be passed on to future generations. Now, more people marry based upon similar education levels. While they were once common in the U.S. population, presently only 1 in 6 Americans have blue eyes. There are many steps you can take to make your blue eyes stand out even more by making them look bluer.

Blue eyes need to be seen. Frame your eyes by grooming your eyebrows with wax. Rub a wax strip between your hands for 5 seconds. Peel the two strips apart. Place the strip on your skin and rub in the direction your eyebrow hairs grow. Pull the strip back on itself quickly. Remove excess wax with wipes. Repeat on that eyebrow until you achieve the desired shape. Repeat on the other eyebrow.

Blue eyes pop against tan skin. Since blue eyes usually are associated with fair, easy-to-burn skin, avoid the sun. Apply a self-tanner to accentuate your eye colour. Don't overdo it, or you will draw attention for reasons other than your eyes.

Making eyes appear larger enhances the appearance of your eyes. Apply white eyeliner on the waterline (edge of bottom lid). Apply the brown eyeliner to the outer edge of your eye. Brown complements blue eyes.

The right eyeshadow colour, brown, brings out the blue in your eyes. Apply brown eyeshadow to your lids. Put the white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes and your eye arches.

Curl your eyelashes on both eyes. Apply brown mascara to your lashes. Mascara works to open the eyes.

Add lots of blue and purple clothing to your wardrobe. These colours brighten your blue eyes. Experiment with different tones of colours to see which make your eyes bluer; blue eyes have different shades, so yours are accentuated by different colours than someone else's blue eyes.

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