How to Create Your Own Monopoly Game


The game of Monopoly has seen many iterations over the years. Each version has been customised for movies, other games, real world locations and more. Creative Monopoly players can use the basic structure of the game to create their own customised Monopoly game.

Decide the theme of your Monopoly game. Using this theme, write down the names of all the properties that will be available to players. For reference, there are 22 coloured properties, four railroads and two utilities. Order the names of your properties from least expensive to most expensive.

Divide the board into 40 spaces. Each side will have 11 spaces, which includes corner spaces (see Resources).

Apply the names of your properties to their corresponding spaces. Depending on your level of creativity, you can include small pictures that represent each space. Glue these pictures onto each space beneath the name of the property.

Apply the names of your chance and community chest cards onto the board in their proper locations. Change the name to match the theme of your game. Do the same for the four corner spaces. Remember, you must have a "Go" space, a "Go To Jail" space, "Free Parking" and "Jail" spaces.

Create the property cards. Follow the pricing of traditional Monopoly in terms of rent and housing prices (see Resources).

Write your chance and community chest cards using small index cards or blank business cards. Include several different rewards and penalties within these cards. You don't need to follow the cards of a traditional Monopoly game, be creative.

Decide on the game pieces for your version of Monopoly. For example, a Monopoly game based on the "Twilight" series might include pieces representative of each character or a game based on hockey could use pucks, sticks and skates.

Print your own currency. Use your computer and a program such as Photoshop or Paint to create a version of money for the Monopoly theme you've chosen. Make sure you have the following bill types and amounts:

20 £325 bills

20 £65 bills

30 £32 bills

50 £13 bills

40 £6 bills

40 £3 bills

40 60p bills

Create your house and hotels in a similar fashion to your game pieces. If you have spare parts from an original Monopoly game, you can use them as is or repaint them to add your own touch.

Put any finishing touches on your game such as a customised centre to the game board and obtain two dice for game play. You're ready to gather a group of friends to play Monopoly.

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