How to Make Rings Fit

Purchasing a new ring is exciting, until you realise that the ring does not fit as well as you thought it would. You could take the ring back, but if you are really in love with it, there are several solutions to make your ring fit. As your fingers grow or get thinner over time, you may think that you are unable to wear your old rings, but with a few small investments, your ring can fit you just like the day you purchased it.

Take your ring to a jeweller, whether your ring is too large or too small. He can replace the ring shank on your ring, which is the area that fits around your finger. This is a great option to resize your ring permanently, whether your ring is too large or too small. This is the most expensive option of resizing your ring, but it will also last for the longest amount of time.

Stretch your ring if it is too small. Having your ring stretched is a more economical process than having the ring shank replaced. You will either need to take your ring to a jeweller or purchase a ring mandrel. The ring is placed on the mandrel and hammered into place. Rings shouldn't be stretched more than 1/2 a size larger than they were to begin with, so if you are looking to go much larger, getting the shank replaced is the best decision.

Purchase a ring guard if your ring is too large. A ring guard is usually made of 14 carat gold or sterling silver, and is easy to install yourself. If your ring is sliding back and forth on your finger due to the weight of the stone, a ring guard is the perfect solution. The arms of the ring guard will easily wrap around your ring, and will create a bar stretching across the back of your ring in order to stop part of the circle of the ring shank from sliding around your finger.

Add a ring spacer if your ring is too large. A ring spacer is usually made out of PVC or plastic and wraps around the back of the ring shank. Although the plastic will be visible to anyone who sees the palm of your hand, a ring spacer prevents the ring from slipping the same way a ring guard does.

Wrap clear tape around the back of the ring if your ring is too large. This is clearly the most economical solution for sizing a ring, and can be removed easily if you are going to resell your ring. Simply cut off the tape with scissors when you would like to return your ring to the normal size, although there may be some residue left over from the clear tape.

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