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How to Draw Gas Masks

Updated February 21, 2017

Being able to draw a gas mask is a useful skill for developing sketch and comic book artists who will portray apocalyptic and post apocalyptic scenes, cities burning, people fleeing and other vivid images. Drawing realistic gas masks gives your representations of those scenes a sense of authenticity and realism. Even though several different styles and designs of gas masks exist, drawing such an item is relatively straightforward as gas masks consist of simple shapes and prevalent details.

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  1. Draw a circle the approximate size you want your gas mask to be. Draw a vertical line going through the middle of it, extending several inches past the bottom of the circle. Draw two horizontal lines through the circle: one slightly below the top end of the circle and the other slightly above the bottom end of the circle.

  2. Draw two horizontal lines, spaced an inch apart, coming out of the bottom of your vertical line. The top horizontal line you draw should be slightly longer.

  3. Draw a horizontal line cutting through the exact middle of the vertical line. It should be twice as long as the diameter of your circle, approximately. Near the right end of this horizontal line, draw a short vertical line a couple inches long. This will look like a cross. You now have the basic structure and outline for your mask.

  4. Draw in holes for the eyes of the mask, using the circle and the horizontal lines drawn within that circle as a guide.

  5. Draw the large nozzle of the gas mask by creating a circle that you centre around the bottom end of your main vertical line.

  6. Draw a rectangle around the cross shape that you made in Step 3. The vertical sides of the cross should look slightly curved. This is the side filter of your gas mask.

  7. Study your picture of a gas mask, as this is one of the most important steps. Start drawing in all the small details that will truly make this gas mask look like a gas mask. Draw the rings around the nozzle, the buckles around the mask and knobs. Connect your side filter to the main mask, with a few curved lines.

  8. Erase all your guiding lines. Shade and smooth out the lines of your mask, creating contour and shading where necessary.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Sketch paper
  • Picture of a gas mask

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