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Gold Bond Powder Ingredients

Updated July 20, 2017

Gold Bond has been in business for more than 100 years. The company began selling its line of products to consumers in 1908, providing healing formulas in the form of powders, sprays, lotions and creams. Gold Bond targets skin rashes, inflammations and consumers who want to stay cool and dry. The company sticks by a consumer-satisfied product and offers a free sample on its website. Gold Bond's line of products can be easily found in most stores across the country. Gold Bond was originally most known for its powder. The ingredients used in its powder are mixed to create a material that treats the skin and cools and soothes at the same time.

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Active Ingredient: Menthol

Gold Bond lists menthol as its main active ingredient. Menthol's primary use is to relieve itching while having a cooling effect. It is considered to be a topical antipruritic and is used as an ingredient in many other topical ointments and creams.

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide

Gold Bond also list zinc oxide as another active ingredient. Its purpose is to soothe and protect the skin. Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound, which, in medication form, aids in the prevention and treatment of minor skin irritations. It is to be used externally only, and contact with the eyes should be avoided. These warnings are listed on the back of Gold Bond's Powder.

Inactive Ingredient: Talc

Gold Bond's powder also lists a number of inactive ingredients. The first ingredient is talc, also known as talcum, which is used as a dusting powder and absorbent in clarifying liquid substances. It is defined as a native, hydrous magnesium silicate, which sometimes contains a small portion of aluminium silicate.

Inactive Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate & Acacia

Two other inactive ingredients are sodium bicarbonate and acacia. Sodium bicarbonate is considered to be a common salt (baking soda). Sodium is the most important cation in the fluid surrounding cells, and bicarbonate is said to be the most important buffer in the body. Acacia is a dried product of the acacia tree used as a suspending or blending ingredient in medications.

Inactive Ingredients: Benzethonium Chloride, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oil

The final three inactive ingredients are benzethonium chloride, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Benzethonium chloride is used on the skin to fight infection. It disinfects the skin and can be used to treat infections of the eyes, nose and throat. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the eucalyptus tree and has a wide variety of uses. It is likely used in Gold Bond powder to add a lovely, clean and fresh fragrance. Peppermint oil, also known as the world's oldest medicine, contains high levels of menthol. It is likely used to help give the powder an even higher content of menthol to aid in eliminating itching.

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