How to Get Rid of Buffalo Hump

Buffalo hump is "an accumulation of fat on the back of the neck," according to medical dictionary There are several causes of buffalo hump. This disfigurement is sometimes caused by taking drugs for an extended period of time, such as those for Cushing's disease.

Sometimes, buffalo hump is a symptom of a physical condition. Medically, the proper name for buffalo hump is lipodystrophy. Read on to find out how to get rid of buffalo hump.

Start a healthy eating plan, and lose weight. Starting an exercise program is also helpful to lose weight and tone your body. Join a weight-loss club if you need help and support. Talk to your health-care professional about weight-loss surgery if that's an option for you.

Talk to your health-care professional about changing or reducing your medication if it caused you to develop a buffalo hump. This disfigurement can be caused by long-term use of steroids, for example.

Talk to your health-care professional about having liposuction to remove the buffalo hump. Dr. Gregory Mueller, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, uses VASER Lipo Technology to treat this condition. Check the resources to find a VASER Liposuction provider near you.