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How to Set Up a New Hotmail Email Address

Updated April 17, 2017

Hotmail is free, web-based e-mail that you can access from any computer that has Internet access. This easy-to-use e-mail system created by Microsoft offers many features that are accessible to you after logging into your account. Not only does Hotmail allow you to compose, send and receive e-mail, but it also offers such features as a calender and an address book, plus much more.

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  1. Type "" in the address bar in your browser window.This will take you to the main Hotmail page. Because you are signing up a new e-mail address, click "Sign Up" near the bottom of the screen.

  2. Provide an ID/login name to access your e-mail. You are also given the option of checking if your login name is available. Type in your login name, and in the drop down box next to where you just entered your ID, choose ""

  3. Create your password to log in to your e-mail account. Choose a combination that you will be able to remember easily. If you forget your password, there is the option of resetting it on the main page. The next step asks you to retype your password; simply retype the same password you chose for the previous step. In addition, you can provide another e-mail address where Hotmail will send your login information to in case you do forget your password.

  4. Enter your first name, last name, country, state and zip code of residence, gender and year of birth in the specified spaces in the registration form.

  5. Type the provided letters in the "CAPTCHA," so they know you, an actual person, are signing up for the account, and not a spam robot.

  6. Accept a service agreement with Microsoft to use their e-mail system. Click on the appropriate links to read further, and click "I accept." This is required before moving ahead in the process of a signing up for a new e-mail account with Hotmail.

  7. Tip

    Pick a login name that you will be able to remember. Your login name can only contain letters, numbers, periods, hypens and underscores. Create a unique password, mix up letters and numbers so the password is not easily guessed by anyone.


    Be careful of any spam email messages and attachments being sent to your inbox. If the sender sounds unfamiliar, most likely it is spam. Only open files from senders your know; do not download any files that look suspicious, as it could potentially harm your computer.

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