How to Use a Rubber Ear Syringe

Rubber ear syringes have many uses. They conveniently insert and/or remove substances from the ear canal with ease. They are designed to enable you to work with fluids within the ear in a safe and effective manner.

Ear syringes are commonly used to remove medication or unwanted water from the ear to ensure infection doesn't occur from long-term moisture. An ear syringe enables you to remove all moist substances in the ear canal that are too deep to reach safely on your own. In addition, rubber ear syringes are used to clear out any mucus within an infant's nose.

Fill the rubber ear syringe. If you will be inserting medication or another substance into your ear, you will need to fill the ear syringe. Also, you may need to fill the syringe with water to disinfect the inside. To fill the syringe, begin with no contents filled within the body. Squeeze the round end in the palm of you hand to release air from inside of the syringe, through the tip. Put the tip of the syringe into the liquid substance you will be filling it with, while still applying pressure to the ball end of the syringe. Once the tip is submerged into liquid, release the pressure to allow the liquid to be suctioned within the syringe.

Release the liquid from the ear syringe. To release any liquid from the syringe you simply squeeze the ball end. The more pressure you apply the more liquid that will release from the tip of the syringe. If you are emptying water or leftover content to rinse the syringe, then you won't have to worry about pressure. If you are releasing liquid into your ear, there are a few guidelines. Insert the tip of the syringe into your ear only right past the opening of your ear canal. There is no need to insert the tip any farther, as this may cause injury. Tilt your head horizontally so that the ear you will be inserting liquid into faces up to trap the liquid. Apply minimal pressure to the ball end of the syringe, carefully releasing liquid at a soft and steady pace. It is best to insert the appropriate amount of liquid in one solid motion, rather than releasing pressure from the ball end in mid-application.

Remove liquid content from ear. After leaving medication or any other liquid content in your ear for the advised amount of time, you will need to use the ear syringe to now remove the liquid. Just as you filled the syringe earlier, you will need to start with the syringe completely empty. Apply pressure to the ball end to release all of the air from the syringe. Continue applying pressure until you insert the syringe tip into your ear in the same fashion as when you were inserting the liquid into your ear. Slowly release pressure from the ball end, causing a suction. This will suction the liquid out of your ear into the body of the syringe. Once you have released all pressure, remove the syringe from your ear and empty the contents out of the syringe by squeezing the ball end. Continue repeating this process until the liquid is removed from your ear entirely.

Clean the rubber ear syringe after each use. To eliminate the spread of bacteria or infection between uses of the syringe, it is important to sufficiently disinfect the inside. After each use, fill the syringe with a mixture of half water and half rubbing alcohol. Release the mixture from the syringe and refill with the mixture again. Continue to do this three to five times to ensure all previous contents are cleaned away.