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How to Make Bead Loom Bracelets

Updated November 22, 2016

Making your own jewellery can be a fun event to do with friends or to give as gifts. Add to the enjoyment by learning how to make bead loom bracelets and add a touch of creativity to an already fulfilling hobby. Even if you have never made jewellery before, beading bracelets on a loom can be simple and easy. Take your time and explore the different patterns that can be made when you change bead colours or the width of the bracelet. Beading is an inexpensive hobby, so you can make as many as you want for very little cost. If you don't own a loom, a notebook can work to separate the threads.

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  1. Choose the bead width of your bracelet. If you want a bracelet with seven beads across for the pattern, then add one to that number, and start with eight strands of thread. Load the loom with the threads by tying them in a knot together at one end. Then spread out the tails over the loom with each thread going into its own slot.

  2. Secure the other ends of the threads to the other side of the loom. This can be done just by wrapping them around the loom. Select a long thread to start your beading, and tie one end to an outer string on the opposite side from the hand you are more comfortable with when using a needle. (A lefty would tie the thread to the outer string on the right and visa versa.) Bring your thread under the loom and over to your "good" side.

  3. String your first row of beads, no matter the number on your needle. In this example, you would be using seven beads. Pull the row of beads down to where the string connects with the thread on the loom, and use your finger to press them up to your eight threads. Separate the beads so each one falls between the threads on the loom. Keep your finger pushing the beads up.

  4. Bring your needle up to your first bead (the last bead put on the needle) and take your needle through the beads over your long vertical threads, be careful not to push through a thread, just over them. When the needle is all the way through the beads, you will be back where you started.

  5. Push the beads up toward the top, and adjust so they run straight across the loom. Bring your thread under and across to the other side. Select your next row of beads, and add them to the loom following the same manner of running over the threads as you go through the beads. Push this row up to the first to secure and line up straight. Repeat to add the number of rows you want to create the length of bracelet you want.

  6. Complete the bracelet by clipping the inner threads one at a time and looping them through the beads to hide them. Leave the outer threads on each side. Run the outer threads through the last row of beads to the opposite sides. Repeat this process on the beginning end of the bracelet to tie it off, leaving only the outer threads.

  7. Run seven beads (the number of your width) onto each of the outer threads. Attach a jewellery clasp of your choice to give the bracelet a secure closure. Follow this step to add a clasp to the other end of the bracelet as well.

  8. Tip

    If you want to create a specific pattern, then plan out your pattern before hand on paper so you'll know when to change bead colours. This can also be done on small graph paper to chart out the exact number of rows and bead patterns to use in each row. Start out using only two or three colours for your bracelets until you get the hang of how patterns look and what you like.


    Keep your beads in a stable container away from small children or pets. While it is possible to pick them up should your beads get knocked onto the floor, depending on the size of your beads, it could be extremely tedious.

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Things You'll Need

  • Loom
  • Thread, nylon, polyester or fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Beads, various colours
  • Jewellery clasp

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