How to stop DHT naturally

The increased production of the metabolite dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main cause of most men's hair loss. DHT occurs when the enzymes of the skin and scalp make contact with testosterone. When this occurs, the hair-growth cycle is interrupted and incorrect signals are sent to the brain. Hair follicles then shrink and cause the hair to fall out. There are several ways to naturally reduce DHT production.

Take green tea capsules. Green tea contains catechins and flavonols which can reduce DHT and cholesterol. Take two tablets an hour before meals for maximum effect. The effect of one green tea tablet is equal to seven cups of green tea.

Eat plenty of soybeans. Soybeans contain the organic compound isoflavones which prevents the over production of DHT. Tofu has the highest amount of isoflavones. Consume at least four tofu dishes a week.

Apply pumpkin seed oil to your scalp before bedtime for two to four months. When applied generously to the scalp, this oil stops the production of DHT. It also inhibits DHT through the liver.

Take nettle tablets daily. Aside from it's healing properties, this herb reduces DHT and thickens hair. Nettle can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, so always drink two glasses of water with every tablet.

Take saw palmetto capsules twice daily. Saw palmetto prevents DHT from forming and allows more proteins to penetrate your hair follicles, resulting in thicker hair.

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