How to build outdoor firewood storage

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Whether you purchase firewood by the cord or spend back-breaking hours chopping your own, the last thing you want to see is crumbling rot and insect infestations in your wood pile. Build an outdoor firewood storage shed to keep the wood for your fireplace dry and neat.

Cut a 38 by 89 mm (2-by-4 inch) wooden board to make two 1.5 metre (5-foot) lengths. You can make it in a different size if you wish. Cut another board to make two 60 cm (2-foot) lengths. Nail these together to form a rectangle. Also cut two 38 by 89 mm (2-by-4 inch) boards 2.4 metres (8 feet) long and two 38 by 89 mm (2-by-4 inch) boards 2.1 metres (7 feet) long. Cut the tops of these off at an angle to make a smooth surface for the roof.. Nail these to the outside corners of the rectangle you formed previously, allowing 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) of board to remain on one side to form legs for your structure.

Cut and nail additional 38 by 89 mm (2-by-4 inch) wooden boards in the centre of the back and sides of the rectangular structure. These will give it additional strength and help support the firewood being stored inside. You can also attach plywood to the entire back and sides of the firewood storage if you wish.

Cut a 60 cm by 1.5 metre (2-by-5 foot) piece of sturdy plywood and slide it onto the rectangular base between the upright boards. Nail this to the boards that form the base. Cut another piece of plywood 90 cm by 1.5 metres (5-by-3 feet) and nail this to the angled tops of the support boards to form a roof. Cover the roof with tar paper, shingles, or sheet metal to deter rain water from reaching the firewood.

Place four cinder blocks or similar on the ground where you wish the firewood storage structure to stand. Up against a shed or garage is idea, though this can be freestanding. Choose a level piece of ground for this project. Slide the four legs of the firewood storage structure over the cinder blocks on the outside corners. The blocks will provide support without attracting insects.

Purchase a waterproof tarp large enough to cover the entire wood pile you will store in this structure. Cover the wood in bad weather especially, making sure to weight the ends of the tarp to hold it down in the wind. A more permanent tarp structure can be made by using a staple gun or nails to attach tarps to the back and sides of the firewood storage structure.

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