How to Create a Project Plan in Excel

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A project plan is essential to any type of project. The plan must include the most important information pertaining to the project; this includes, a description, the resources, the required tasks, and estimated start and finish dates. There are many programs out there to manage a project, but an efficient plan can be created with a simple Excel spreadsheet. The grids in an Excel spreadsheet provide perfect organisation for a project and everything involved with the plan.

Gather the information needed for your project. This should already be prepared by you or your project leader before creating the plan.

Open Excel and create a new document.

In the first cell, type in your project title and a description if desired. For longer lines of text, try merging cells by holding down the "Shift" key, clicking on the cells you wish to merge, and click the "Merge and Center" button on the top toolbar.

Decide on the columns needed for your plan and type them in their own cell for each column. Sample columns can include: Task, Person Responsible, Resource, Comments, Start Date, End Date, Comments, and Completed.

Fill in the columns based on the information you and your project team have gathered. If you do not yet have information (for example, if it is not known who will perform a certain task), make a note in a "Comments" column.

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