Grundig TV Instructions

Grundig is a German electronics manufacturer that produces products like radios, hi-fi systems and other media devices. They also make TVs with unique classifications, such as integrated digital TVs. If you have a Grundig integrated TV, there are a few simple things you have to do before you can watch television programming on it. Luckily, all the instructions for setting up your TV are easy, so you can have everything running in no time at all.

Put new batteries in the remote control and connect the TV and the antenna with the aerial lead.

Connect the TV to power by plugging it into an electrical socket. Turn the TV on by using the button on the front of the screen labelled POWER.

Push any button on the remote control to turn the screen on and choose "Yes" to continue first time installation. Push the Select button on the remote to do this.

Wait for the search for channels to finish and press Select again. Scroll down using the down arrow button and push Select to continue the installation.

Let the automatic tuning take place so the TV will locate the first channel it can find and tune to it. You can now change channels or switch between analogue and digital by pushing the TV/DTV key on the remote.

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