How to make a bi-fold door

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Bifold doors are a good choice for areas where space is limited. Because they fold in the middle instead of swinging out wide, bifold doors work well for large openings like wardobes or pantries. Replacing an existing door with your own homemade bifold doors can be an inexpensive way to change the look of a room without repainting or buying new furniture.

Measure the door opening where you will be installing the bifold door. Buy two utility doors that are half the size of the door opening. Select non-drilled utility doors because you will not be installing hardware in the standard locations.

Cut 3 mm (1/8 inch) off the side of the utility door that will be attached to the casing. Mark the locations of the three hinges on the casing side of the door. The top and bottom hinges should be 30 cm (1 foot) from the edge of the door. Measure the distance between these two hinges to make sure the third hinge is centred. Hold the marked door up to the doorway and mark the casing where the hinge locations should be. Check your markings with a level before installing the hinges. Attach the hinges to the casing with wood screws.

Lay the utility doors face down on the floor, making sure the top edges are even with each other. Place three piano hinges along the edges where the two doors meet, spacing them out the way you did the door hinges in Step 2. Mark the location of the piano hinges and check your markings with a level. Use wood screws to attach the piano hinges to both bifold door panels.

Have an assistant hold the bifold doors up while you attach the edge to the hinges in the casing. Be sure the door is hanging straight and the weight is distributed evenly between the three doorway hinges. Adjust the position of the doorway hinges as needed to correct any problems.

Stand in front of the door to mark where the door handle should be installed. Drill the necessary holes and attach the door hardware of your choice according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pull the bifold doors shut to make sure they fit in the opening. If you need to trim the edge, simply remove the pins from the piano hinges in the middle and remove the outer door.

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