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How to Fit New Wiper Blades on a Fiat Punto

Updated February 21, 2017

Replacing your wiper blades at the right time is easy to do yourself, but it is also a crucial car maintenance task. If you allow your blades to get old, cracked and brittle, they will lose much of their effectiveness and will diminish your visibility when driving in rainy or snowy conditions. Fortunately, it is still easy and affordable to find proper fitting wiper blades for the Fiat Punto, which is something of a rarity in the North American auto market.

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  1. Check the model year of your Punto.

  2. Go to the auto parts store, find the wiper blade aisle and locate the wiper blade size guide, which is typically on display in this aisle. Look up your model year of Fiat Punto in the guide to determine the proper size of wiper blade. If you're ordering replacement blades online, you will typically find drop-down menus that allow you to select your car's year, make and model.

  3. Purchase your replacement blades.

  4. Pull each windshield wiper arm out and away from the windshield. If you're not sure which direction they go, just look at the hinges where the arms attach to the vehicle. When the arms are pulled all the way out, they'll lock into place.

  5. Take a close look at the plastic adaptor that connects the old wiper blade to the wiper arm on the Punto. It is important to note the shape and style, because you'll need to retrieve a matching piece from the packaging of your new blades. It's also important to note the direction the adaptor is facing, because you'll need to put the new one in facing the same way.

  6. Hold one wiper arm with one hand while squeezing the sides of its adaptor with your other hand. Then pull the adaptor toward the open side of the hook on the end of the wiper arm. The old blade and old adaptor should slide right off.

  7. Repeat Step 3 on the other wiper.

  8. Open up the packaging of both new blades. You should have two blades and two assortments of plastic adaptors. Search through the adaptors until you find the two that look like the ones you removed.

  9. Snap the proper adaptors onto the new blades. This is usually fairly straightforward, but the exact process for attaching the adaptors to the blades varies from one wiper blade manufacturer to the next. If it isn't abundantly clear, all you have to do is look at the directions that came with the new blades to see how they fit together.

  10. Look closely at the adaptor of one of your new blades, and you'll see a flat slot into which the hook on the end of the wiper arm will fit. Slide the adaptor onto one of your Punto's wiper arms, taking care to slide it in facing the same direction as the old one was when you took it off. When you have it pushed in all the way, it should make a clicking noise, indicating that it is locked into place.

  11. Repeat Step 3 on the other wiper.

  12. Gently lower both of the wiper arms so that the blades lay flat against the windshield.

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