How to register a dog's microchip

A. Johnson

Inserting a microchip in a pet has revolutionised pet recovery. When a dog gets loose and is not wearing a collar and identification, or the collar gets lost, many humane societies now have scanners that can check the lost pet for a microchip. There is also another benefit to the chip, which is proper identification.

If your beloved pet ends up at the humane society, a microchip will prevent someone from falsely claiming ownership. But a microchip won't help recover your dog if it is not properly registered.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian. Before you can register the microchip it must be implanted, and that is typically done by a vet. There are different microchip brands, and each veterinarian may use one particular brand. The chip and implanting fee might cost around £32.

Pick up an application to register your dog's microchip from the vet. Since your vet will typically be implanting a specific brand, they will supply you with the registration form.

Complete the application form. Typically it will ask for the owner's name, address, phone number, an alternate contact person and contact information, veterinarian information, pet's name, species, gender, description, medication information, and microchip number (supplied by vet after insertion). A payment will be required. This is often a £13 fee, with discounts for multiple pet registrations.

Mail the completed and signed application with your payment to the address supplied on the form.