How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Ice Maker

If the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator is not working, you can troubleshoot the unit before contacting an authorised service centre.

Check the water supply valve and make sure it is fully open.

Look at the wiring harness connection and installation. If your unit was just installed and the doors were removed, a bad connection could be affecting the ice maker.

Check the water flow from the water dispenser. If the flow seems slow or weak, replace the filter regardless of the age of the filter.

Make sure the ice maker is turned on and that there is power to the unit.

Make sure the unit's doors are securely and properly closed.

Check the freezer temperature. A too-warm freezer can cause ice-maker malfunction. The manufacturer's recommended temperature is --16.7 degrees C.

Reset the ice maker. The location of the reset button varies based on the style of unit. After resetting, wait 24 hours and check if ice production has begun.

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