How to Make Hourglasses

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Hourglasses come in all shapes and sizes. They are commonly used to keep time. Creating an hourglass is an excellent crafts project for a child and makes an eye-catching decorative piece for any office or bedroom. Hourglasses can be expensive when purchased at a toy or gadget shops. You can make your own hourglass using a few materials you may already have at home.

Drill a small hole in two plastic caps of two 591ml soda bottles. Use a hammer and nail if you don't have a hand drill.

Place a funnel into one of the empty soda bottles and pour 1 cup of sand into it. Screw the cap back on. Invert the bottle over a large bowl and let the sand pour out. Use a stopwatch to see how long it takes for the sand to completely drain. If you want a five-minute hourglass and the sand runs out before five minutes, add more sand. Transfer the sand back into the soda bottle and cap.

Apply a small amount of adhesive glue on the cap of the empty soda bottle. Invert the empty soda bottle, align the bottles caps and push down gently for one minute until the glue hardens a bit. Remove your hand and set the hourglass aside for 30 minutes for the glue to completely dry.

Decorate the hourglass with permanent markers or stickers if you want.

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