How to Make Two-Sided Flash Cards With Microsoft Word

One of the best ways to study for a test is to use flash cards to help remember the information. Microsoft Word can help you do that quite easily and will let you make double-sided flash cards.

Write either a key word or question on the first page, something that may jog your memory.

Hit "Enter" until your cursor is on the second page, and write any additional information you'd like, such as the question's answer, a word's definition, etc., etc.

Adjust the size and font to whatever you'd prefer.

Hit "CTRL" and "P" to bring up the print screen in Word.

Click "Manual Duplex" in the upper right corner of the window.

Print the first side of the flash card.

Flip the printed card around to the other side, and put back into the printer.

Print the other side of the flash card.

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