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How to Build a Stormtrooper Blaster

Updated November 22, 2016

You're not just a fan, you're a Star Wars fan, and you know what that means: costumes. While there are plenty of authentic costumes on the store shelves, they can clean out your wallet. No sense dropping hard-earned cash on something you can do yourself--plus, making it yourself is a lot funner. So if you're of the Imperial mind and already have a stormtrooper costume, you'll need a reasonable facsimile of a blaster rifle to take that Rebel scum down a peg or two. Here's how to make one without having to shell out too many credits.

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  1. Saw the grip from the toy pistol, starting above the grip and making sure to include the trigger guard. Smooth out the grip's jagged edges with the sandpaper. Discard the trigger, barrel, etc, as you'll only need the grip.

  2. Measure about eight inches from one end of the pipe, and sand a section the size of the top of the grip to create a better gluing surface. Then glue the grip to the pipe. Allow to dry.

  3. Sand another small section on the side of the pipe about two inches ahead of the grip. If you normally hold the gun in your left hand, sand the section on the left of the PVC pipe and glue on the small wooden block; if you're a righty, sand and glue on the right. Allow to dry.

  4. Attach the PVC end caps to both ends of the pipe and glue the hex nut to the "barrel" PVC cap. Sand and glue the smaller wooden block on the topside of the pipe, opposite the grip. Once that's dry, spray paint the entire blaster. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  5. Saw the toy binoculars in half and sand the jagged edge. Glue the binocular piece to the small wooden block, making the scope. Allow to dry.

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Things You'll Need

  • Inexpensive black plastic toy pistol
  • 2-foot-long piece of 2-inch PVC pipe
  • 2-inch PVC pipe end caps
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Inexpensive black plastic toy binoculars
  • Small hacksaw
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Industrial-strength adhesive gel
  • Hex nut
  • 4-inch-by-4-inch-by-2-inch wood block
  • 1/4-inch-thick wood block, about 3 inches long

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