How to remove scratches from a polished chrome faucet

Sinks take a lot of abuse. Dirty dishes are thrown into them and discarded food is ground up in their garbage disposals. With the amount of use that a sink gets, it is easy to cause wear and tear not only on the sinks, but also on the faucets.

Polished chrome faucets, while very attractive, can actually become scratched quite easily. With a few inexpensive products and some elbow grease, scratches can be easily removed.

Squirt Brasso directly on to your hand towel. A dime-sized amount should be enough to cover your faucet.

Apply the Brasso in a circular motion over the entire faucet.

Let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes and allow to dry.

Buff the Brasso off the faucet using your second wash cloth. Use a circular motion once again.

Repeat until the Brasso is removed. It is not necessary to wash the faucet after you have buffed out the Brasso.