How to Make Superhero Party Invitations

Most kids love superheroes, and a superhero theme may be just the thing to make a birthday party a huge hit. The invitations are as much a part of that as the cake and presents, and while you can buy plenty of invitations with a superhero theme, making your own can be a fun arts-and-crafts project to do with your birthday boy or girl. All it takes is a little preparation and some appropriately sized cards.

Purchase blank invitations from an office supply store. They don't need to be anything fancy, but you should be able to run them through your printer with ease. If you don't want to purchase blank invitations, you can simply cut pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper horizontally across the middle.

Open up a graphic design program on your computer such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. Create a new document that matches the dimensions of the blank invitations. This gives you a template to work from that will serve as the front of the invitation.

Find a good image representing the superhero or group of superheroes you want on your invitation. You can use the superhero's symbol rather than the superhero himself, such as Superman's "S" or Spider-Man's spider, or similar iconic images such as the Batmobile or Wolverine's claw marks. You can easily find these images all over the Internet, but in particular, look for those on the superhero's official home page (see "Resources" below).

Import your chosen image and position it on the front of the invitation. Resize it to fit comfortably in the space, and make sure there's enough room around it for words.

Add words to the front of the invitation. The phrasing should be short and to the point: "Come to Billy's Birthday Party" or something similar. The colour of the words should match that of the image you're using, or that of the superhero, such as red or blue for Spider-Man, black or yellow for Batman or green or purple for the Incredible Hulk, for example. If you can, use a suitably heroic font---something bold and larger than life.

Create a second document in your graphic design program. Make it identical to the size of the first to serve as the back of the invitation.

Add text using the same font as the one used on the front of the invitation and describe the particulars of the party: time, date, location, expected duration and an RSVP date along with a phone number or e-mail address. Position the text in the centre of the document.

Frame the edges of the second document by creating a box that's about 1/4 inch from the edges. Select a colour that matches the superhero on the front.

Place the blank invitations in your printer and print as many copies of the front of the invitation (the first document) as you need.

Turn the printed pages over, put them back in the printer, and print the back of the invitation (the second document) on the same sheets.

Let the ink dry for a few minutes, and then place the invitations in the envelopes and mail them to your guests.

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