How to Solder RCA Connectors

An RCA connector (NL Graphics)

RCA connectors, also known as RCA plugs, are used for a variety of audio applications. You'll find RCA connectors on audio and video cables that are used with a wide range home audio products, from CD players to PlayStations. If you want to repair or build an RCA cable, one of the basic things you'll need to know is how to solder the wires of your table to the RCA connector.

An RCA connector (NL Graphics)

Strip the insulation from your wire so that each lead has about 3/8 to 1/2 inch of bare wire exposed.

Wiring the RCA connector (NL Graphics)

Unscrew the jacket from your RCA connector and slide it onto the wire. Take the positive lead of the wire (coloured red) and hold the bare wire against the centre pin of the RCA connector. Press the soldering iron's tip against the wire and pin until it is hot enough so that solder pressed against the pin and wire flows around them. When the solder has joined the two, pull the solder and solder iron away from the and allow the joint to cool.

Repeat the soldering process with the negative lead and the sleeve of the RCA connector.

When the solder has cooled, slide the shell forward and screw it onto the RCA connector. Your RCA connector has been soldered.

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