How to decorate a window with Christmas tree lights

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Preparing for the holidays involves decorating the house inside and outside. Get in the holiday spirit and hang Christmas lights. Constructing a simple window display of Christmas lights provides a festive appearance for your house. Outlining a window with Christmas lights creates an attractive location to showcase your Christmas tree. Safety comes first, so double-check all procedures.

Measure the window and the distance to the outlet. Using a measuring tape, determine the dimensions of the window. Light strings are sold by the foot, so convert the inches to feet. Locate the nearest electrical socket and measure the distance to the window display. Purchase an extension cord to meet your needs.

Gather supplies. Check your Christmas bins for extra lights and make sure they are suitable for outdoor use. Today, many Christmas lights are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Proceed with caution when using older lights. Purchase the remaining needed lights. Get a heavy-duty extension cord, an outdoor automatic timer, ladder, brick clips or nail-on plastic clips.

Test the lights. Visually inspect the lights and string. Notice any defective or worn wires. Discard the string of lights and replace with a new string of lights. Check for missing bulbs and replace them. Plug the string of lights into an outlet and check for burnt-out bulbs. Unplug and replace burnt-out bulbs. Check for a blown fuse if the string doesn't light. Replace according to manufacturer's instructions and retest.

Put the ladder in place. Hanging Christmas lights on the top of a window or second-story windows requires a ladder. Place the ladder as close as possible to the window and lean against the house. Make sure it's firmly on the ground and leaning on the house so it will not slide. Ask someone to hold the ladder steady while in use.

Hang the lights. Lay the extension cord on the ground and connect it to the end of the string of lights. Place clips around the window to hold the lights in place. For brick surfaces, try brick clips. These are temporary and found at most hardware stores. For window trim, try using nail-on plastic clips. Evenly space the clips about 30 cm (12 inches) apart. Place the lights into the clips, starting in one of the bottom corners.

Tighten loose ends and attach the automatic timer. Secure any areas that might be loose or need tightening. Add an extra clip if necessary. Plug in the extension cord and view the decorated window. Attach the automatic timer and set it. The simplest type allows you to choose how many hours the lights will be displayed and the time they switch on.

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