How to convert three phase electric to single phase electric

You have a 220-volt three phase electric outlet, but what you really need at that location is a 110-volt 1 phase outlet. This can be done at a reasonably low cost and should take less than an hour to accomplish. It is relatively easy to do, but you will want to make certain each step is completed correctly.

Turn off the power to the outlet at the breaker box. Use the circuit tester to make certain the power is indeed off prior to beginning work.

Remove the face plate from the three phase outlet by removing either one or two small screws, depending on the style you have.

Remove the three phase outlet by loosening the two screws at either end of the outlet. Pull the outlet out of the junction box and allow it to be supported by the wires.

There will be three wires connected the outlet (diagram one). One of the wires will be the neutral, the other two will be 120-volt power lines. Remove all three from the outlet device.

Using a wire nut, you must cap off either of the two power lines. Make certain the wire nut is firmly in place.

Attach the two remaining wires to the new 110-volt outlet and secure the outlet into the junction box by tightening the two screws on either end of the outlet. Attach the face plate.

Turn on the power. Use the circuit tester to be certain the power is on and registers as 110 volts.